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 modificaciones de vanilla a ultimate (marvel side)

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TiMmY TurNEr

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Fecha de inscripción : 21/09/2008
Localización : en china town, repartiendo palos! XD

MensajeTema: modificaciones de vanilla a ultimate (marvel side)   Vie 21 Oct 2011 - 18:54

.....eso....hoy capcom solto las modificaciones de todo el roster de marvel de vanilla a ultimate.....

....estas son ya oficiales si (osea van a todo evento).....

...y aprovecho el vuelo pa pasarlas pa aca....


* = character

(+) = buff

(-) = nerf

(?) = en desarrollo aun

*Captain America*

(+) Now has a second jump.

(-) Charging Star now inflicts less hitstun.

(-) Charging Star's horizontal knockback increased.

(-) Medium and Hard Charging Stars have had their damage reduced.

(+) Shield Slash has better recovery overall.

(+) Light Shield Slash can now OTG.

(+) Invincibility added to Cartwheel.

(-) The amount of time that an opponent is knocked down after a Hyper Charging Star has been decreased.

(+) Both Beta and Gamma assists received a damage increase.

(+) Captain America's mashable Hyper is the Hyper Charging Star.


(+) Can cancel aerial normal moves into special moves. (could already do this?)

(-) Madwheel (Deadpool's overhead flip kick) is no longer cancelable.

(+) Deadpool's throws now cause longer knockdown time.

(-) The amount of times that you can do the Bolo loop have been decreased.

(-) Deadpool now hangs in the air longer when performing the Bolo (Ninja Gift H)

(-) The amount of time that someone is trapped by the Bolo has been decreased.

(+) Quick Work is now Team Hyper Cancelable.

(+) You can now cancel all of Deadpool's special moves into his Teleport.

(+) Deadpool's mashable Hyper is Happy Happy Trigger, both air and ground.


(-) Can now only chain up to three normal moves in the air.

(-) Increased the pushback on both of his Light Attacks.

(+) Dark Matter (Forward + H) is now special cancelable.

(-) When Flame Carpet hits an opponent, it disappears much faster.

(+) Air throws will always do a hard knockdown now.

(+) Dark Spell and Liberation can now be collected/charged in the air.

(+) Dark Spell released explosions will now always come out on the first frame they are visible.

(?) Dark Spell released explosions can no longer do something to knocked down opponents...? (Still being translated).

(-) Dark Spell volcanic spike attacks have been slowed down.

(+) Dark Spell volcanic spike attacks have increased damage.

(+) Dark Spell's meteor strikes will now always come out the moment they are activated.

(+) Dormammu's mashable Hyper is the Chaotic Flame.

*Doctor Doom*

(+) Jumping Hard Punch (Beam Gun) has had improved startup and better hit detection.

(+) Jumping S now does a hard knockdown.

(-) Aerial Photon Shot has had an overall frame decrease.

(+) Doctor Doom's first mashable Hyper is the Photon Array, both air and ground.

(+) Doctor Doom's second mashable Hyper is his Level 3, Doom Time.


(+) Added new move, the Incredible Punch. (forward + M)

(+) It's possible to chain into the Incredible Punch from Light and Medium Attacks.

(+) Gamma Charge's attacking priority has been improved.

(+) Grounded Gamma Charge now has Super Armor.

(-) The second part of grounded Gamma Charge now knocks the opponent higher

(+) Anti-Air Gamma Charge's second hit (Medium version) will now wallbounce the opponent.

(+) Gamma Wave's charge time decreased.

(+) Gamma Tornado's damage increased.

*Iron Man*

(?) Air dash now has changed properties. The velocity has been slowed down, but the acceleration has been sped up.

(-) He no longer has a double jump, but he can cancel his aerial normals into his airdashes.

(+) You can now cancel his crouching Hard Punch (Shoulder Missile)

(+) The amount of untechable time after someone has been hit by the Shoulder Missile has been increased.

(+) Standing H and jumping S have longer hit confirm windows.

(?) Iron Man's normal and special moves' damage scaling have been corrected with the proper decreases and increases. (Still being translated)

(+) Medium Repulsor Blast's command input has been fixed to work whichever way Iron Man is facing.

(?) The Hard Attack followup to Repulsor Blast (Spread) has had an input correction limit. (Still being translated)

(+) Repulsor Spread now does a hard knockdown.

(+) Smart Bomb's damage has been increased.

(+) Smart Bomb's recovery time is lessened.

(+) Aerial Smart Bomb's overall animation frames have been reduced

(-) Iron Man's startup into Flight has been decreased.

(+) Iron Man's mashable Hypers are Proton Cannon (Both versions) and Iron Avenger.


(+) Can now cancel her Hornet Needle with special moves in the air.

(-) Crescent Scythe now floats the opponent higher on hit.

(-) Crescent Scythe's untechable time on hit has been decreased.

(-) Rage Trigger's horizontal knockback has been increased.

(+) X-23's mashable Hyper is Rage Trigger.


(-) Hitbox on Dive Kick and jumping Light Attack have been decreased in size.

(-) Berserker Slash's invincibility frames removed.

(+) New move is titled Machine Gun Claw.

(?) Lowered the priority of inputs during Berserker Charge (Still needs translation)

(+) Wolverine's mashable Hypers are Fatal Claw, Berserker Barrage X and Weapon X.


(+) Knockback on standing Medium Attack has been reduced.

(+) Standing Light Attack, Jumping Light Attack and Mighty Spark have reduced startup time (for Mighty Spark, this includes before a jump) and more active frames.

(+) Normal and Special moves damage scaling have been improved.

(+) Mighty Spark's untechable state on the opponent has been increased.

(+) Reduced startup time to get to a full charge of Hard Mighty Smash.

(-) Mighty Strike had an overall frame reduction.

(+) Reduced startup time to get to a full charge of Hard Mighty Strike.

(+) Mighty Hurricane's active throw frames have been increased.

(+) Mighty Punish is now completely invincible from the first frame onwards.

(+) Mighty Punish now gives Thor more time to move around after it lands.

(+) Mighty Punish's active throw frames have been increased.

(+) Thor's mashable Hyper is Mighty Tornado.


(-) Jumping Hard Attack now floats the opponent higher on hit.

(-) Worsened hitstun deterioration on normal moves.

(+) You can now cancel Web Swing into Special or Hyper moves.

(-) If Shield Skills makes contact with an airborne opponent it will knock them further away.

(-) Shield Skills now floats the opponent higher on hit.

(-) Aim Master had a damage decrease.

(+) Both grounded and aerial Aim Master H now float the opponent lower on hit.

(+) New move, Sting Master.

(-) Increased damage scaling on Hyper Combos.

(-) Before, if you hit someone with a single shot of Legion Arrow in a combo the damage would not be decreased. This has been fixed to implement proper damage scaling.

(+) Taskmaster's mashable Hyper is Legion Arrow (all versions).

*Super Skrull*

(?) Stone Dunk(?) has better hit detection (It is assumed they are referring to his command normals)

(-) Orbital Grudge now floats the opponent higher on hit.

(+) Orbital Grudge now gains armor faster.

(+) Meteor Smash can now be done in the air.

(+) Death Penalty now auto-tracks the opponent.

(+) Super Skrull's mashable Hyper is Inferno, air or ground.


(+) New move, Fair or Foul Wind.

(+) Can now mash all of her Hypers for more damage.


(+) Web Zip's speed increased.

(+) Web Zip can now OTG.

(+) You can now cancel all of Spider-man's special moves into Web Zip.

(+) You can now perform an aerial Web Swing immediately after a ground Web Swing.

(-) Web Throw now has hitstun deterioration.

(+) Crawler Assault now has collectively fewer animation frames.

(+) Ultimate Web Throw has had a change to its hitbox in the horizontal direction.

(+) Spider-man's mashable Hyper is Crawler Assault.

(+) You can now spin the joystick to get more hits during Ultimate Web Throw.


(+) Knockdown properties on jumping S have been changed.

(+) Shuma-Gorath's normal throw now steals life and meter from the opponent.

(+) Devitilization now has faster startup.

(+) Shuma-Gorath's mashable Hypers are Hyper Mystic Smash and Chaos Dimension.


(?) Was considered to be too light, and has now been made heavier (not a mistranslation).

(-) Can no longer chain her crouching Light Attack.

(-) Reduced range on her slide.

(+) New move, Savage Swing.

(?) Altered her Chariot Cancel so that you get armor if you cancel out of a crouching state (Needs more translation).

(?) If you hit a crouching opponent with Torpedo or Clothesline, then you recover faster (Needs more translation).

(-) Opponents struck with Torpedo now get knocked farther away.

(+) Clothesline landing on aerial opponents now causes a wallbounce.

(+) Emerald Cannon now moves farther forward on startup.

(+) You can spin the joystick to get more hits during Taking out the Trash.


(-) Health reduced to 900,000. (from 910.000)

(+) Aerial normal moves have one point of super armor.

(-) Rocket Punch's hitstun has been decreased.

(+) When Assist Alpha (Drones) hit from behind the opponent, the knockback is reversed as well so that they will be struck towards the point character.

(+) Sentinel's mashable Hyper is Plasma Storm.


(-) Health reduced to 375,000. (from 420.000)

(-) Crouching Medium Attack's travel length has been decreased.

(-) TK Shots and Traps disappear when Phoenix is hit.

(-) You can only do one TK Shot in the air.


(+) Can now cancel his jumping attacks into airdashes.

(+) MODOK's mashable Hyper is Killer Illumination.


(-) Diagonal airdashes have been slowed down.

(-) It is now possible for the opponent to recover from a standing H before they hit the ground.

(+) Increased total animated frames for Light and Medium Estaka (Disruptor)

(-) Disruptor's blockstun decreased.

(+) New moves Attraction, Repulsion, Gravitation.

(-) Completely removed invulnerability on Magnetic Tempest.

(+) Magneto's mashable Hypers include Magnetic Tempest and Gravity Squeeze.

....esop, con un poco mas de tiempo traslacion al castellano y mis impresiones personales......

....de momento....xaolin.....

...I am the white void...
...I am the cold steel...
...I am the just sword...
...With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world...
...And cleanse it in the fires of destruction...
...I AM HAKUMEN!!!...

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modificaciones de vanilla a ultimate (marvel side)

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